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Gator Grading & Paving, LLC is a Palmetto, Florida based contractor qualified to construct all aspects of roadway, residential and commercial site construction.

We are a FDOT Prequalified contractor as well as a state Certified General Contractor (License # CGC 1514102) and Underground Utility Contractor (License # CUC 1224433) qualified to construct the following:

Site Clearing Minor Bridges, Concrete Curb and Sidewalk, Milling,Water Distribution Systems, Retaining Walls, Roadway Base/Subgrade, Barrier Walls,

Sanitary Sewer Collection Systems, Asphalt Paving, Stormwater Facilities, Lake excavation, Pavement Striping, Storm Drainage, Piping/Structures, & Roadway and Parking Signage.

The senior staff of Gator Grading & Paving, LLC includes W. Kevin Hicks (CEO) and Ed Hicks (COO), whose extensive experience in business direction and project coordination insures a balanced, cost effective project.

Tommy Lightcap, Julie Bauer, Pete D'Orazion, and Ed Hicks of the Estimating/ Project Management division bring wide expertise to the table providing detailed cost-to-construct estimating coupled with efficient project management which has shown over the years to produce quality projects. Company contracts with municipalities and regulatory agencies have shown time and again to quickly bring many projects to approval and completion in a timely manner.

Gator Grading & Paving field personnel include Mark Ventriglia (VP Construction Operations), Greg Baier (VP Paving Operations), and Josh Romine (Project Manager) who ensure quality projects that are completed on schedule.

With a combined experience of over 200 years and a management group involved in over 20 award winning projects, Gator Grading & Paving, LLC is uniquely qualified to supply all the related services necessary to construct a new development or update and modernize an existing facility. Once completed, a Gator Grading & Paving, LLC project may be relied upon for many years of durable, well functioning performance.